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Consulting Services - Assessing Your Organization for High Performance
Assessing Your Organization for High Performance

Program Objectives

  • To understand and practice using the Transformation Model
  • To clarify current results and how they are measured
  • To understand the demands of the current business environment
  • To clarify current business strategy and core ideology
  • To identify the core processes and key process variances
  • To document the current organization structure and understand how it is helping or hindering your organization
  • To verify the status and effectiveness of coordination and development systems
  • To clarify current organizational norms, attitudes, and behaviors
  • To summarize assessment findings and plan next steps for change

Module 1: The Transformation Model
• Define organization assessment and understand its purpose
• Learn basic principles of open systems
• Learn the purpose and uses of the Transformation Model
• Use the Transformation Model to analyze an organization case study

Module 2: Current Results
• Review and discuss a site visit made to another organization
• Learn about important key results areas
• Review and discuss the current financial/cost structure of the organization
• Summarize your organization’s key result areas and performance
• Assess the adequacy of current organization resources

Module 3: Business Environment
• Review current market conditions and key competitors
• Identify key customer, key stakeholders, and their expectations
• Identify key suppliers and rate your relationship with them
• Identify external factors influencing your organization
• Evaluate current market conditions affecting your organization
• Review the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors

Module 4: Current Strategy
• Define business strategy and core ideology and learn their importance
• Analyze the elements of business strategy within your organization
• Analyze the elements of core ideology within your organization
• Report findings and draw conclusions about your current business strategy and core ideology

Module 5: Core Process
• Learn the elements of simple core process mapping
• Map the macro core process of your organization
• Identify process variances and key variances related to your organization’s core process
• Determine the efficiency of your core process and identify the biggest process issues to be addressed
• Describe and analyze the computer information delivery system supporting your core process
• Determine the biggest issues regarding the computer information delivery system and how it interrelates with the core process

Module 6: Structure
• Learn about the building blocks of organization structure
• Analyze the nature and rationale of your current hierarchical structure
• Examine management, worker, team, and support group roles
• Identify how you are currently grouped and why (functions, departments, team, etc.)
• Identify how organizational units are currently linked and why
• Develop an “organigraph” (pictograph) of how your organization really works
• Summarize key learnings and critical structure issues to address

Module 7: Systems
• Learn about coordination and development systems
• Verify how each system is currently working
• Identify strengths and weaknesses of coordination systems
• Identify strengths and weaknesses of development systems
• Summarize key learnings and identify most critical systems to address

Module 8: Culture
• Survey the basic work culture and general morale in your organization
• Assess current job satisfaction
• Identify common management and worker attitudes, practices, and beliefs
• Identify organizational norms around collaboration and performance
• Identify strengths and weaknesses, and key culture learnings and challenges

Module 9: Opportunities and Plans
• Summarize key issues from Modules 2 through 8
• Identify organization strengths, weaknesses, and alignment issues
• Identify biggest opportunities/issues to address
• Develop a list of change initiatives
• Create a sequenced initiatives time line
• Learn how to set up and manage project teams

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