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Consulting Services - Developing a High Performance Strategy
Developing a High Performance Strategy:
  Competing to Win

Program Objectives

  • Understand the meaning and importance of strategy
  • Identify the demands and challenges presented by your organization’s environment
  • Forecast the future business situation
  • Create a core ideology
  • Define your strategic direction
  • Differentiate your organization from its competitors
  • Set performance goals to focus your activities and measure your success
  • Establish performance initiatives and a master plan to manage your long-term development

Module 1: Overview of Strategy
• Learn the meaning and critical elements of strategy
• Understand two orientations to strategy and determine where you are on this continuum
• Explore three approaches to strategy
• Assess the current strategy of your organization
• Assess the current results of your organization
• Learn the strategic design sequence you will follow in clarifying your strategy

Module 2: Analyzing the Business Environment
• Review current market conditions and key competitors
• Identify key customers, key stakeholders, and their expectations
• Identify key suppliers and rate tour relationship with them
• Identify external factors influencing your organization
• Evaluate current market conditions affecting your organization
• Review the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors

Module 3: Forecasting the Future
• Identify assumptions about the future environment of the organization
• Reduce this list into the “big hitters,” which define your future business situation
• Evaluate the impact of the “big hitters” on your organization
• Determine how your organization might respond to each of these assumptions
• Identify alternative future business situations
• Conduct a SWOT analysis to prepare to effectively manage the future business situation

Module 4: Creating Core Ideology
• Understand the role of a core ideology in your organization’s success
• Learn about the ideologies of some of the most successful companies
• Explore the legacy of your organization
• Define your organization’s mission
• Analyze the beliefs that have created your culture
• Reach consensus on your guiding principles

Module 5: Defining Your Strategic Direction
• Understand the primary questions that must be answered to establish strategic direction
• Clarify a vision of your organization five years in the future
• Identify the characteristics of your current customers and the deliverables you provide them
• Describe your future customers and how your deliverables and products or services may change to meet their needs
• Explore your organization’s core competencies and define the competencies you will need in order to compete in the future

Module 6: Defining Your Competitive Advantage
• Understand customer’s perception of value as the foundation of differentiation
• Create a long-term business focus
• Identify competitive differentiators within your industry
• Do a competitor analysis against the competitive differentiators
• Select competitive anchors that distinguish you from your competitors and competitive necessities that define in which area you must keep up
• Develop a value position

Module 7: Setting Goals
• Understand the importance of setting goals and tracking performance
• Learn the building blocks of goal-setting
• Identify your organization’s key result areas
• Establish metrics in each of your key result areas
• Assess your current performance
• Set goals in each of your key result areas
• Evaluate your feedback system

Module 8: Creating a Master Plan
• Understand the importance of an integrated, master plan for managing your organization
• Select a number of critical success factors for your organization
• Identify major performance initiatives to implement your ideal vision
• Fill out a performance initiatives matrix showing the relationship between your critical success factors and performance initiatives
• Learn how to create a project charter to guide the implementation of each initiative
• Know how to commission project teams for each initiative
• Understand the basics for project management and how to use a project implementation worksheet

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