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Workforce Training with Worksmart

Success is not a hit or miss endeavor. The best businesses plan to succeed, and they view professional training and consulting as an investment. They Worksmart. Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, IBM and Ford Motor Company have used the same strategies taught by Worksmart, LLC consultants, and your company can too.

Worksmart, LLC specializes in the following areas of company development.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training moves management from traditional roles of controlling and directing to coaching and empowering. Leadership training programs include:

  • High Performance Leadership
    High performance leadership examines the roles of the most successful leaders and shows you how to lead by empowering and motivation others.
  • Career Builder
    Career Builder, combines business, interpersonal and leadership topics into one dynamic training program. Learn how to build trust, communicate more effectively set performance expectations, be proactive, create successful teams, manage your time and strengthen relationships.
Team Building

Team building teaches individuals the skills needed to work in project – centered groups. Training programs include:

  • Developing High Performance Teams
    Developing High Performance Teams, instructs clients to develop the infrastructure for a high performance team charter, diagramming workflow and clarifying roles.
  • Skills for High Performance Teamwork
    Skills for High Performance Teamwork, teaches social skills needed to work successfully in teams including communication, decision – making, conflict resolution and problem – solving.
Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness equips individuals with personal tools for professional success. Training programs include:

  • Positive Impact
    Positive Impact helps participants become the employees that successful companies fight to keep by teaching them seven high-performance behaviors to apply to their professional lives.
  • The Trust Factor
    The Trust Factor teaches communication and behavior skills that will create a climate of trust, collaboration and goodwill with co-workers.
  • Emotional Intelligence Through Self-Mastery
    Self-Mastery teaches a set of principles and personal management skills that change how clients view life and enables them to grow in personal confidence and effectiveness.

We specialize in High Performance Training and Consulting. Call today to learn how you can benefit.
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